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I have fibromyalgia and all doctors gave up on helping me due to my allergies to all medications. I’ve suffered for years with only home remedies that stopped helping after so long. God sent me to these chiropractor doctors and my life has changed so much within the first 5 visits, I have more energy and I’m sleeping. Oh how I’m sleeping. I can breathe better and I don’t hurt as much. They have done blood work and took extra time to explain the results to my understanding. It’s the “one on one” relationship of time and trust these doctors provide. I can’t thank God enough for putting these guys in my life. Never did I think no meds could be so good!!”

Laurie Pearson

I suffered from sciatic pain for years. I went through multiple chiropractors who at best gave me temporary relief. Since going here I’ve been paint free for months! I stuck with their program and now only go once a month for minor adjustment. I’m back to exercising and living life normally. The big test this week was moving. Lifting and bending day after day and I’m still feeling great! Praise The Lord! These guys are by far the best chiropractors around.

Ashley Gordin Linden

Dr. Elder and Dr. Crawford are knowledgeable and friendly chiropractors who truly care about you getting the exact care that your body needs. Also very kid friendly…my toddler loves joining me for my visits!
I first came to Natural State Chiropractic with neck, shoulder, and back pain that was interfering with my day to day routine and sleep. After just a few visits with Dr. Elder, I was feeling pain free and felt back to my normal self. I also noticed a great improvement in my focus and energy throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Lauren Ladouce

I visited Natural State Chiropractic recently for my first chiropractic appointment. I had heard a little bit about chiropractic care in the past, but I had never taken the plunge to actually get any care. I am super glad that I had my first chiro visit at Natural State. I saw Dr. Crawford, and he did a thorough examination of my range of movement and many other things. He explained that chiropractic care went beyond just the back/spine. It is making sure your overall health is in good order. Dr. Crawford  is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate doctors I have been too, and I would highly recommend him for any one thinking about chiropractic care or needing a change of doctor!

Matthew Self

I took my two year old to see the doctors and they were amazing with him! They are very knowledgeable about all things health…they aren’t just your typical chiropractors. I highly recommend Dr. Crawford and Dr. Taylor!

Jessi Bergen

Taylor and Dillion take amazing care of us. We love their service. Truly caring doctors.

Bolt Bentonville


Dr. Elder and Dr. Crawford are both incredibly knowledgeable and truly care about their patients. In the short time I’ve been a patient of Dr. Elder I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of attention he pays to everything. If you are looking for a great chiropractor then you need to check out Natural State Chiropractic!

Fred-Allen Self